Alex Cowper – Smith Net Worth 2021

Alex Cowper – Smith Net Worth 2021

Alex Cowper Smith is a household name in the world of corporate business. He is famous for his time working for Goldman Sachs, where he held the position of a financier. Other than that, many people know Alex due to his marriage to Alice Eve, a famous English actress. Even three years after they got married, the media is still focusing on the couple.

Everyone is apparently curious about Alex and Alice. They want to know more about them, especially about Alex’s net worth. If you are also curious about Alex Cowper – Smith, I have gathered plenty of interesting facts that will leave you satisfied.

Alex Cowper’s early life

Alex Cowper – Smith never revealed his exact date of birth, which is kind of amazing and weird at the same time. How is it even possible to hide something so common? However, we know that he was born in 1982 in the United Kingdom. So he has British nationality and spent his childhood in the UK as well. Again, with more secrecy, we don’t know enough about his parents, siblings, and relatives.

After he graduated from the Westminster School, he continued his education at the University of Nottingham. In college, he earned his degree in business and finance, which is evidently the beginning of his amazing career in the world of corporate business.

Alex Cowper’s Professional Career

So after he graduated from the University of Nottingham, he began his work with Goldman Sachs, which is a firm that is famous for helping individuals to invest their money, and apparently one of the biggest firms in finance in the world. His position in Goldman Sachs was a financier, and due to his talent, he was named as the financier of the firm in 2015.

Here is the next shocking thing that happened in Alex’s life. Despite being successful in a huge firm like Goldman Sachs, he left it all because of his relationship with Alice Eve. I know that it is very shocking for some people fact that he left the company just like that. Or perhaps there were other reasons why he left but never disclosed them to the public.

Alex Cowper’s marriage with Alice Eve

Alice Eve is a famous British actress who was born on the 6th of February 1982. She has achieved many things in the world of acting, and her name is known in many countries. She was born from the marriage of Sharon Maughan and Trevor Eve. Alice grew up with her parents and two brothers. After she graduated from Bedales School, she continued her education at Westminster School.

Throughout her career as an actress, Alive has acted in many mega projects, like Stage Beauty, Big Nothing, Sex and the City 2, Before We Go, Criminal, Hawking, and many more. I am sure plenty of people know at least one of these shows mentioned. A testament to her career and influence in the movie industry.

As you may have already guessed, Alex and Alice met each other during their time as students at Westminster School. They even had a relationship with each other back then, but it didn’t last long. Not until they got reunited again back in 2014, and then got engaged not too long after that. Still, in the same year, Alex and Alice got married on the 31st of December. The ceremony wasn’t open to the public, however.

Despite the interesting story and how much Alex seemed to have sacrificed for Alice, they didn’t get married for long at all. The couple got divorced only three years of marriage life. According to both of them, the divorce happened simply because of busy schedules. So we can deduce that they weren’t able to see each other very much and busy with their work.

Alex Cowper’s net worth

Now here is what everyone is waiting for. According to the latest report in 2021, Alex Cowper has a net worth of about $500,000. Obviously, his net worth comes mainly from his career in the world of finance.


There you have it guys, all you need to know about Alex Cowper – Smith. His career, relationship, early life, and net worth, basically everything we can and need to know about this individual.

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