How To Implement Good Feng Shui In Your Home

feng shui

Feng shui is basically the relationship between humans and nature. And understanding feng shui allows you to interact better with nature and enhance the energies to improve specific aspects of your life. This can be achieved by arranging certain elements in your house to reach comfort, balance, and harmony. It’s also called the commanding position.

This might sound confusing, but this is actually simpler than you think. And to make it even easier to understand, I will show you exactly how to implement good feng shui inside your home. Let’s start connecting with your environment and improve it.

Think about the entryway

The front door is very important in feng shui and represents the way you’re looking at the outside world. The opposite is also true, they represent how the outside world sees you.

The best improvement you can make is by making sure that the area is clean and clutter-free. Nothing should obstruct the view or movement there, but that doesn’t mean the area should be empty. You can hang your coat, hat, or scarf there if you want to.

Lighting is also important. Don’t keep the entryway dark, it should always be well lit, either with a bright bulb natural light. If there’s a number or other marking on the door, please keep it visible or clean enough so people can see it easily. As an extra, you can put a black rectangular welcome mat for more feng shui.

Bedroom is crucial

Your bedroom is where you rest to get your energy back. So, it’s obvious that in feng shui, the bedroom is crucial. It’s important to get the bed in the commanding position and leave enough space on both sides of the bed. 2 feet of space on both sides should be good enough.

Please note that both sides of the bed are equally important. If you’re living alone, you’ll make space for your future partner. And you can put bedside tables on both sides too. The bedside tables don’t have to match but they should equal in size.

As for the headboard, get one without holes and bars and make sure it’s stable and sturdy enough so it won’t move around. Once everything is set, always start your day by making your bed. Starting your day this way is great for your mind and can be seen as showing gratitude toward your bed.

Non-obtrusive furniture

Furniture in your home affects the flow of energy from the outside to the inside. You should always keep this energy flowing by arranging the furniture in a way that allows easy access. Any piece of furniture that clogs the flow of movement should be rearranged.

To better visualize this, try standing in your entryway, and think as if the water is flowing into your house. Would the water be able to flow smoothly? Would some pieces of furniture block the water? By answering these questions you’ll find out if you have crammed too much stuff in your house or not.

You need mirrors

Still related to the flow of energy in your house. Mirrors placed in the right places can help with the flow of energy. You can put some mirrors in the dining area to transmit the energy into the area. This will bring more enjoyment to everyone while eating their meals.

If some areas in your house are too dark or can’t be reached by light, you can put mirrors right there as well. This will bring more light and energy into the areas. Don’t put mirrors in the entryway because they will reflect the energy back outside.

More greenery

Humans need nature and are closely related to nature. Even if you live in a big city, you shouldn’t separate yourself from nature. To bring you closer to nature, place greenery around your home. Place some houseplants in your house to breathe some life into it.

There are some houseplants that you should check out. They’re great, look pretty, and can help to purify the air inside your house as well. Many houseplants are beginner-friendly too, so don’t be afraid of messing up.

Start with the small things

Didn’t I say that feng shui is simpler than you might think? These feng shui tips should be easy enough to do for everyone. Spend an hour or two every day to think about all the improvements you can make.

If you have limited space in your house, you can make some compromises here and there. And believe me, you’ll feel the difference.

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