Bea Arthur Net Worth and Cause of Death

bea arthur
Short Bio of the Late Bea Arthur
Net Worth$8 million
Height5 ft 9 in
BirthdayMay 13, 1992
Date of DeathApril 25, 2009
Cause of DeathLung Cancer

Bea Arthur was an actress who enjoyed the wealth and privileges that come with fame. Often smiling and always looking beautiful in front of the camera. Bea Arthur’s net worth at death was $8 million. Let’s discuss her career, how she accumulated her wealth, social initiatives and cause of death.

Among the many celebrities with wealth and fame, some like Bea still reach out to other social groups. Bea Arthur was the unforgettable one. She was also an actress who won multiple awards, brilliant in many films and series as well. She also used her voice and influence to help causes affecting many.

Is Bea Arthur dead?
This legendary female actress died peacefully in Los Angeles on April 25, 2009.  

What is Bea Arthur’s Net Worth?

An impressive and successful career, Bea Arthur net worth reached $8 million at the time of her death. She starred in successful shows like Maude and The Golden Girls(together with Betty White) were substantial commercial hits and made the most impact on her material value of work.

Then she left behind a gift that keeps on giving, a long fierce, and vocal advocate for LGBT. Her generosity, tolerance, and support for the LGBT would remain even after her death. She had donated $300,000 in case to help New York’s Ali Forney Center, a home for homeless LGBT youths.

In honor of her memory, The Center called Bea Arthur Residence built a brand-new 18-bed shelter in 2017. Her dreams to do anything to give those homeless youth a place to call home finally came true.

What was Bea Arthur’s Cause of Death?

She died at her Brentwood home in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 25, 2009. After a long and prosperous life, the stage and screen actor and star of two TV comedies. Bea Arthur cause of death was of lung cancer that she suffered. She was less than three weeks shy of her 87th birthday.

Her body was cremated after her death. As per her wishes, her ashes were spread throughout Miami. She also remained with her fans and the entertainment industry with many memories full of joy and tons of laughter.

She left behind two sons, two granddaughters, and her legacy of fame and authority to assist people worldwide.

Bio and Age of Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur is an outstanding stage and screen actress. Her distinctive husky voice can bewitch listeners. Apart from that, she also has intelligence, good stature, and a talent for comic jabs. He is the most charming multi-talented in TV history.

Her famous role was Maude Findlay in the CBS sitcom Maude, about the fiercely independent woman. Then the other prominent role is Dorothy Zhornak in The Golden Girls, the sharp-tongued role.

Bio and Age of Bea Arthur

Her parents gave her the name Bernice Frankel. She was born to a middle-class family of a couple of Rebecca and Philip Frankel, on May 13, 1922, in New York. Although people knew her as Bea in theater and on TV, she claimed to be Beatrice, a name she made up herself.

Bea was born into a Jewish family. She and her sisters, Gertrude and Marian, spent their childhood in a period when people treated the Jewish people with disfavor and discrimination. Her childhood experiences may have affected her adult life to be an activist.

She dreamed of becoming a chanteuse (a female singer of popular songs) or an actress and entertains her friend by acting as Mae West. She did it in Cambridge, Maryland, where her adventurous parents took her.

Joined the Army

When World War II began, she didn’t want to sit back while others fought the battles; she wanted to fight for herself. Therefore, she joined the army in 1942 and worked as a truck driver and typist. She was a young adult who had just finished her primary education.

In the United States Marine Corps, she served as a Staff Sergeant and accomplished her service in 1944. She then faced the confusion of deciding what she wanted to do with the rest of her life when she got home.

She then studied at Blackstone College, a two-year school in Virginia, and finally, she learned as a medical technician. Instead of pursuing a career in medicine, she abandoned it and chose her childhood fantasy to be an actress.

Did Bea have a mastectomy?

She went a fam actress after “Maude,” and she also revealed that she had breast-reduction surgery. She called the results as a“gift.”

Accomplishment Career of Bea Arthur

She quickly started her education to be an actress after choosing to be one. In New York, she enlisted at the Dramatic Workshop of the New School for Social Research.

In that school, she studied and, at the same time, joined a theatre group that produces off-Broadway takes part at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

She had joined for some roles, including a Broadway called Fiddler on the Roof. Before she played in the musical Mame, the decision brought her recognition across the theatre and movie.

She also earned the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical at the height of her short career. Appreciation for her role as Vera Charles in Mame.

Her magnificence acting career shone mainly on Television, where her acting was recognized by many people. Then it all began after her guest appearance on All in the Family.

Concurrently taking a role as a liberal feminist woman, Maude was warmly received by the studio executive and the viewers. And considering her – off just one appearance episode; she was immediately given her show.

In the show titled Maude (which aired from 1972 – 1978), she would play the main character. With Maude, she also used her voice to spread about social and political issues that happened at the time, set about everything from the Vietnam War, alcoholism, betrayal, women’s liberation, racism, abortion, and gay rights addiction.

Beatrice Arthur - 1973.jpg

Emmy Awards

She won an Emmy for Maude in 1977 due to the successful show. With Thanksgiving Special episode, it was immediately successful. Which is reported to get 65 million viewers.

Before she joined NBC’s The Golden Girls, she appeared in some other shows after Maude. The Golden Girls portrays hot topics at that time, the same as Maude, like aging, gun control, LGBT rights, and local violence. She won an Emmy award for the second time in 1988 for her role in The Golden Girls show.

Despite her fame, when it came to present movies, she only appeared in a few. Her two remarkable appearances in movies were a reprisal of her role as Vera Charles in the adaptation of Mame and For a Better or Worse film in 1995.

She was an activist for social issues such as LGBT rights and animals. So she was never satisfied just by being a Hollywood princess.

Where was Bea Arthur buried?

After this actress’ death on April 25, 2009, her remaining were cremated, and Ashes were given to her family.

Was Bea Arthur an LGBT?

Her voice to defend the LGBT right also sparked rumors that she was a homosexual/gay. She also had a long private relationship with her Maude co-star, Adrienne Barbeau.

Despite the rumors that she was gay, she was actually straight. When Arthur was alive, she had married two times, and both to men.

At first, she was married to a fellow marine, Robert Alan Aurthur, when she served in the army. Although they divorced, she still used her former husband’s surname. But with a modified spelling of the name.

Her former husband Robert then found a career becoming a screenwriter, director, and film producer. Especially her career in the entertainment industry.

And her second marriage was to an American director, Gene Saks, in 1950. Sadly, they got divorced after almost living together for three decades. They adopted two sons – Matthew and Daniel – in their marriage.

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