Cole Bennet Net Worth

Cole Bennet's net worth

Let’s learn about Cole Bennet net worth. He is a young American business executive, music video director, and videographer. He started his career as an internet blogger back in 2013 while he was still a high school student.

Although he is still 25 years old, Cole Bennet has shown so much potential in the music industry. His multimedia company, Lyrical Lemonade, is loved and valued by many young and aspiring rappers in America.

Many people are still curious to know more about Cole Bennet and his adventure in the music industry. Let’s talk more about his career and personal life and find out how much his net worth actually is.

Cole Bennet Net Worth

Let’s start with Cole’s net worth since so many people are curious about this. The 25-year-old music video director and business executive has been reported to have a net worth of about 2 million dollars. This is an amazing achievement at such a young age and his career just took off, meaning his net worth will keep growing for many years in the future.

How much money does he make each year?

Cole Bennet makes about $500,000 a year from his many business ventures. And like I said, this number will keep going up since his career just took off. Furthermore, his popularity on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube keeps increasing each year.

How does Cole Bennet make money?

Cole Bennet is a very busy young man. He does many things including side business ventures. His main income comes from his YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade, where he gets a massive paycheck from YouTube thanks to the many millions of views each video gets.

Lyrical Lemonade has more than 17 million subscribers with the most popular video has more than 700 million views. That’s a fantastic number and Lyrical Lemonade, the multimedia company, is only 8 years old.

Cole is also working as a director and producer for music videos. He helps young and aspiring rappers, especially underground rappers in Chicago to make videos and gain popularity. Since then, he’s been flying all over the country and working with many mainstream rappers. This obviously brings in a massive stream of income for Cole.

Cole Bennet’s Career

Cole Bennet’s career took off thanks to the success of Lyrical Lemonade. Lyrical Lemonade’s main goal is to promote young, aspiring, and underground rappers. But lately, they have been working together with mainstream rappers. They are also responsible for the popularity of Lil Pump and Ski mask the Slump God.

Benner also took this opportunity to sell his own merchandise and lemonade beverage under the Lyrical Lemonade name. Cole is very ambitious about it too, he stated that he wanted to compete with Minute Maid and other big lemonade and juice companies.

From videography, lemonade beverage and merchandise, and collaborating with mainstream rappers, Cole Bennet is very busy. We’re going to see more of his crazy animations in his videos. Stay tune to his YouTube channel for more updates.

Who is Cole Bennet?

Cole Bennet is the new icon and sensation in the music industry, especially in the rapping scene. He is based in Chicago and his main occupation is a videographer. Cole Bennet was also one of the first influential people who use SoundCloud to gain popularity.

His videos are known for having squiggly lines, bright colors, and lively animations. Millennials and especially Gen Z love Cole Bennet’s videos and songs. Cole also said that he is specifically aiming to help the post-internet generation rappers.

Cole’s early life

Cole was born on May 14, 1996, in Plano, Illinois. He studied in Plano High school and later got into a college only to drop out, so he can focus on his career in videography and hip-hop music. He claimed that his passion for videography and hip-hop music is something that he already has since he was a kid.

Cole and his friends used to make an hour-long drive every weekend and see underground rappers perform. They have seen rappers such as Chance the Rapper and even pitched some ideas for his new videos.

Personal life

Surprisingly, Cole is very secretive about his personal life. He is very quiet about everyone around him such as his friends and family, very much different from other people in the music industry.

Cole has said before that Austin Vesely, a director who works with Chance the Rapper, is his inspiration. He learned so much from Austin since the day they met.

Cole has never said anything about marriage or building a family. Like his personal life, he’s never said anything about whom he dates or anything like that.

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