How To Clean Weathertech Mats

Spray cleaning

WheatherTech floor mats are a hot item today and like all things need cleaning. Many car owners are opting for WheatherTech to replace their default or even aftermarket car floor mats. The main reasons are WheatherTech floor mats can fit perfectly into your car thank to DigitalFit technology and can protect your car from tiny debris.

Some people are obsessed with WheatherTech mats and would tell you how these mats are superior to others. That being said, if you’re planning or already own WheatherTech floor marts, you should know how to properly clean them. These great tips will help you clean your floor mats and keep your car clean and safe to ride.

Learn How to Clean Weathertech Mats in 6 Easy Steps

1. Get all the dirt out

This is a necessary first step and can make the entire process much easier. Take your floor mats out of the care and give them a good shake to get rid of the dirt and dust that have nested on top of the surface.

Don’t pour water yet, or it will be harder to get the dirt and dust out of the way. You can swing the mats onto a wall or chair or hit them on the side to make sure that you get everything out.

2. Hose to the rescue

After the first step is done, now it’s time to use water to clean the floor mats. You can use a regular outdoor water hose, but a high-pressure hose would make the cleaning process more fun and effective.

The process is done once you get rid of all the mud or any filth on the mats. Make sure everything that can be cleaned by the hose is washed away with no trace. It shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

3. Pressure washer for more thorough cleaning

A regular hose can’t wash everything away, so you’ll need a pressure washer. You can use any brand that you want, I’m pretty sure it’ll do a good job anyway. The pressure washer will blast any dirt away and make sure your WheatherTech floor mats are as clean as possible.

I think most people already own a pressure washer to wash their car. So, this step shouldn’t be too tricky. Otherwise, like I already mentioned, just get any pressure washer that you want.

If you’re inexperienced with a pressure washer, just be wary of the force of the water. Test it first before using it on your mats, feel the power of the water and try to get used to it first. You can also play around with the spray patterns and see which one is more effective for your floor mats.

4. Use a floor mat cleaner

A floor mat cleaner is a very niche cleaner that you can use to clean your WheatherTech floor mats. Usually, this type is cleaner is designed to clean rubber and vinyl floor mats. The best thing about it is that it always comes with a brush and cloth to make the cleaning process much easier.

Simply, spray it onto the mat and finish by brushing and wiping. Before you use the spray, wait until the mat is completely dry. You can use a sponge to spread the solution if you want to. Done, very simple and easy right?

Dirt, mud, dust, and stains won’t stand a chance against a floor mat cleaner. And it also applies a protective agent, so your floor mats will stay cleaner for much longer and keeping your car clean. This makes a floor mat cleaner a valuable tool to buy.

5. submerge your mats in a cleaning solution for deep cleaning

Sometimes, your mats can be very dry, making them difficult to clean. If this happens to you, the best solution is submerging your mats in a cleaning solution. Use a big bucket or your bathtub to fully soak your mats in. Make sure that there’s enough space for your mats.

Just put your mats in and pour the cleaning solution until your mats are fully submerged and wait until all the stubborn dirt is dissolved. Mud will come to the surface and your mats will be much cleaner than before.

6. Protect your floor mats

No one likes to wash their floor mats over and over again. That’s why you should protect and condition your floor mats after you cleaned them. There are many brands that you can use to protect your mats. Some protection offers an anti-slip finish, and stain and everyday wear resistance. Once you’re done spraying the solution, use a damp sponge to spread it evenly all over the mat and wait until it’s dry.

Understanding how to clean your Weathertec mats is important

Your floor mats play a vital role in keeping your car clean. If you think your floor mats are too dirty for regular use – wash them immediately. Follow the tips above to clean your floor mats quickly and efficiently.

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