Easy Storage Ideas For Decluttering

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Clutter in your house can affect your mind. It’s especially bad since you won’t be able to calm your thoughts while at home due to clutter. Even worse if you’re working from home.

Perhaps, you’re already sick of living in a disorganized house. You want to change and clean everything up, but at the same time, being able to find things easily. Well, you’re in luck, I have some easy storage ideas that can help you declutter your entire house.

I hope that by following these ideas, you can improve your mental health thanks to the cleaner environment inside your house.

Flying storage

This kind of storage is also called a flying saucer because it’s commonly used to hang kitchen utensils. You can also use it to hang other important stuff that you might need to cook your best recipes.

Flying storage uses chains and hooks to secure everything like the boards, dowels, and other stuff. Make sure that everything is secured before you start hanging your stuff. Also don’t forget to adjust the height of the hooks, not too low and not too high.

Use suitcases

Many people have a few unused suitcases just lying in the attic or closet. If you can find some unused suitcases, then you’re in luck. You can use them to store your stuff from old clothes, antiques, or pretty much anything that you can’t store anywhere else.

With the right suitcases, you can stack them right on top of each other, and you’ll have vintage looking storage. The bottom suitcases should be used for items that you know you won’t need in a long time.

Use all your baskets and bins

Search around the house, maybe you have unused baskets and bins somewhere. You can use those to organize many kinds of stuff in your house. Use a basket or bin for one set of items. For example, one basket is for pens, pencils, etc. and another basket is for your detergent, Windex, etc. This way you can easily find your stuff later.

If you don’t have any basket or bin, you can search the flea markets. I’m pretty sure you can find one or two easily. Baskets and bins are some of the most commonly sold items in flea markets after all. To make it even better, look for the ones with the right size, shape, and color.

Mason jars

Mason jars are awesome as containers for your stuff. Of course, you can reuse your old mason jars if you have any. Otherwise, you can get a pack of dozen mason jars for less than $10.

These cheap containers can be used for pretty much anything you want. The best one I can think of is to store your spoons, knives, forks, straws, and pretty much all your silverware. Put these mason jars in your kitchen, and you can store items easily. Mason jars are also easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Wall shelves

This is one of the best ideas that I can think of. Wall shelves are awesome, there are so many options available for length, height, shape, and color. Some wall shelves can even be tucked in for more space.

The idea behind this is that your walls are free real estate. It’d be a waste to not utilize them. You can get wall shelves for cheap or make them yourselves. Wall shelves are great for books, plants, and other items that aren’t too heavy to big.

Get furniture with extra storage

I am loving this newish trend of putting extra storage in various furniture. If you’re planning to get a piece of new furniture, make sure that it has extra storage somewhere. For example, a bed frame with extra storage. Think of a bed frame with space for extra drawers underneath.

Other pieces of furniture that may come with extra storage are the headboard, bedside table, normal tables, and cabinets. So, choose one with more storage in it, so you can store all of your stuff neatly.

Do you still have clutter? Try selling them

If you’re still finding random stuff in your house, and you can’t store them anywhere, maybe you should sell them. Thanks to online marketplaces, I think it should be easy to sell secondhand items. Especially stuff like toys and other unique items. Or, you can just give them away you know? Happy decluttering.

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