Tips To Choose Bistro Sets for Your Outdoor Space

bistro set

Bistro sets are great for outdoor spaces as they bring comfort and function. If you have enough outdoor space for relaxing, then getting a bistro set will bring the space to life. There is really nothing more relaxing than sitting outside in your own yard. From drinking your favorite tea or reading a book, a bistro set could make everything much better.

Before you go shopping for a bistro set, however, I have some tips for you. Hopefully, these tips can help you choose the best bistro set for your outdoor space.

The material of your bistro set

Various things can determine which material is the best for your outdoor space, such as weather patterns. If you pick the right material, your bistro set will last for many long years. I know that you won’t be enjoying your tea outside while it’s raining, but you might not have the time to take your bistro set inside. The same thing goes when it is warm outside, it might be the best time to sit outside, but what if the chair is really hot?

Therefore, it’s a great idea to consider the local weather patterns before you decide a material for your table and chair. Typically, there are three types of materials available: wood, wicker, and metal. Wooden bistro sets are probably the most flexible one out of the three. Not to mention, they look stylish and can fit even modern home designs. This material is perfect for warm weather, but keep in mind that wooden bistro sets need additional maintenance over time.

Metal bistro sets are without a doubt a lot more durable and easier to clean than wooden ones and are the best when it comes to longevity. Even better if the metal bistro set is treated with weatherproof paint. The design of metal bistro sets is also rather flexible. Many metal bistro sets have rather unique designs that can’t be replicated using other materials. The downsides are metal bistro sets aren’t really comfortable if you are planning to sit down for a long time. And, on hot days, metal chairs and tables are going to be very hot.

The wicker material is the best of both worlds and can be a great alternative to some. If you are looking for both accessibility and comfort, you may want to look into this material. The porous nature makes it cooler during hot days, and you don’t have to worry about water build-up. Unfortunately, it does have a downside, which is a shorter lifespan.

The size of your bistro set

If you are planning to have a drink with other people on your bistro set, then you will want a bigger one. Get a set that can fit at least two people. A little table between your chairs if necessary. If you have a big family that can use the bistro set, then aim for even a bigger one, complete with a square or round table in the middle.

Fortunately, you have plenty of choices when shopping for a bistro set. A company like COSTOFFS can help you with various kinds of bistro sets. The company was founded in 2020 and has been providing people with some of the best home and office furniture. Don’t waste your time and check out their store today and get the best bistro set for your outdoor space at an affordable price.

Cushion fabric

Last but not least, the cushion fabric of your bistro set. If you want more comfort, then you certainly need a bistro set with cushions. The first thing I can recommend is cushions with a weatherproof option to make sure they can last for many years. As you may already know, normal fabrics aren’t good with being outdoors. But keep in mind that some cushions require you to pick them up out of the rain every time it is raining. Although, the comfort these cushions bring will be worth it.


Bistro sets are simply awesome for outdoor spaces. I love relaxing outside, drinking my tea and reading a book with the fresh wind hitting my face. You’ll know that you picked the best bistro set when you can sit outdoor for hours.

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